Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Hunted Down" live from Soundgarden's first reunion show Last Night

Listen, this is not from 1987...the year this song( as the first single from Soundgarden) was released on a fledgling Seattle label called Sub Pop...when Chris Cornell was 23 years old and grunge had yet to stick the knife in the solar plexus of hair metal ......this is from Last Night!  Chris is 46 and the pipes have been cleaned.... from all of that vocally phoned in midrange solo album sludge and Audioslave post drug larynx collapse!  The gods must be crazy and armed with some serious holy node rejuvenating pixie dust because these notes are high! High like clipping wings of archangels in flight who may or may not have been illegally videotaping this show from overhead.

Beyond the Wheel...even Higher!

Bring on the tour!

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