Sunday, May 09, 2010

Circle Of Fits needs layout help

I'm using one of the new templates that Blogger has provided after almost jumping ship to another blogging platform. I'm still toying around with the appearance, and need some help from you smarter people out there.

If you could help with these three things, I'd be grateful. I'd be so grateful that I'll send you a signed Columbia House cassette copy of Van Halen, signed by ME!

But seriously... 1) I need to center my logo/banner. I have no idea why it is positioned to the left.
                       2) I need to spread out the left and right columns...My you tube vids don't fit, even when embedding them to the center column/body, they bleed over to the right column and are cut off by the ads and links.
                       3) I am looking for a very small mp3 player(similar looking to quicktime) to use when I want to feature certain songs...NOT video. Think sleek, long and compact.

I really do appreciate your help and any advice on the layout will be taken into consideration, pondered and filed away for eternity. Right now I just need to fix these three things.

email me at

thanks  seano


  1. Sorry man, cant help you but ZI am sure there are some pretty smart techies out there willing to lend a hand.

  2. Check out for your MP3 player. It's small, simple to use, and free (up to a point.)
    As far as your layout goes- Good luck.

  3. I used to user the delicious player ( but it's a bit minimalist. Switched to the Yahoo media player a wee while ago ( but still not sure if I like the floating window or not. See my Joe Bonamassa post for an example of it in use.

    Sorry - not much help.

  4. Meant to say that I think most Blogger templates have fixed width columns... which is a bit of a pain! But there are some templates with the word "stretch" in the name that change the width of the main column as the width of the window changes but I don't know if any of them are three column layouts.

    It may be possible to centre the graphic and change the width of the middle column in this layout by fiddling with the html of the template... how confident are you about getting your hands dirty with the html code?

  5. Ok, I can totally help you with the template but have to ask you a bunch of questions about it first. From what I can see you are using one of the new template layouts right?

    If you are using an old template let me know ASAP. I am going to send you an email with instructions on how to fix your problem. Barbara to the rescue again - its the story of my life :)

    Just kidding!

  6. Serves me right for not reading your post properly! "New Template" - hadn't noticed this feature but it looks like you are stuck with fixed width columns in the new templates with no option to stretch. I think I'll stick with old school templates in the meantime as I much prefer having a column that expands to fill the width available rather than waste screen space with pretty backgrounds... Unless Barbara knows how to fix that too!