Sunday, May 09, 2010

More Exile Hype

Here is the trailer for the upcoming documentary "Stones In Exile". It will be released in tandem with the Exile on Main Street re-issue due on May 18th.....

I've changed my plans for that super Tuesday coming up and will head to an independent record store to purchase this since I missed record store day with a bad case of the fuckedupandforgots. To commemorate the occasion I will wear a silk scarf that I'll steal from my wife, and a skull ring that I shall forge from the finest aluminum foil . I will stroll in to my local fav record store(gotta find one first) feigning drunkenness and humming "Loving Cup" and ask for my deluxe Exile set with overpowering Black Death Whiskey breath. When the bruises heal and I make bail, I'll finally be able to listen to it and review it for you.

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