Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Signs of the Apocalypse

Ellen Degeneres now has her own record label.
The second soundtrack in six months from Glee has been released.
Kiss is going to tour yet again.
You can buy a VIP ticket to a Bon Jovi show for $1875.00
People know who Justin Bieber is but have never heard of Gary Coleman.
Not one Rock/Music magazine put Ronnie James Dio on their cover as a tribute.
Sean "Diddy" Combs was just featured on Inside the Actors Studio.
Willie Nelson cut his ponytail off.
Reporters CONTINUE to ask Jimmy Page about a Zeppelin reunion.
The Dave Matthews Band has pretty much SOLD OUT all of their summer tour stops.  It's 2010 .
Brett Michaels is going to star in his 4th reality series this fall.
Thin Lizzy continues to tour even though Phil Lynott has been dead since 1986.
Jason Bonham is going out on the road with something called the Zeppelin Experience.

more to come......take cover.....


  1. The masses get what they deserve: mediocrity. Seems to be reaching critical mass, too. People are far too engaged with trivial shit on TV, broadcasting 24-7, to really take stock of things that would actually enrich their lives. Huxley saw the whole thing coming in the 1930s and we are smack in the middle of Brave New World.


  2. Did Willie really cut off his tail?

  3. willie now: