Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nashville Flood: A story behind the story

This is a  story you may not have not heard about. As mother nature continues to throw down against all takers with no discrimination and no warning..lets do a roll call..Katrina, Indonesian Tsunami, Haiti, Guatemala, Iceland...icecaps melt and floods continue to flow...through places like Nashville..Music how could musicians NOT be affected?...Well, they have's a link to an NPR story that will make you cry..Although equipment and instruments do not have beating hearts...they are as alive and as much a part of those who write the songs as any body part..

They are the connection between the writer and his or her output. The connection between the artist and his or her children...a song, a particular sound from a particular amp, the way the rich melody resonates from a particular baby grand from another era.... They emit sounds that could never be duplicated and/or replaced by any other model any other axe..any other set of keys....These instruments..while so many musicians go on tour...are so precious...that they never get taken on the road, and get stored away in facilities and preserved..presumed safe from theft, or fire or anything really. Mother Nature , with her now permanent PMS, is bringing strange havok to places that have never seen it before  The guitars and pianos that were used to compose songs....some of which the world knows and loves...were flooded out...ruined...water logged...warped and changed forever..........Here is the story:


  1. Global warming, I'm sure.

  2. Hey Sean, check this out:

    Matt’s originally from Tennessee - he covers mostly art in the Philly area but he also covers music, so thought you might be interested. He covers the flooding in this post too; though it’s not as long a piece he’s got an attachment to the region.

  3. this is too depressing for me to ponder