Friday, August 06, 2010

Last Night a Grunge Band Saved My Life Today

Today is my birthday. It is a lonely one with dead shadows creeping up the walls, assailed by the humidity and falling into pools of evaporating blood. I am alone while the cicada's hum outside sounds like ball bearings rolling and scrumming around my emaciated skull in a rock tumbler.
There is no doubt of my age. I'm as old as Moses.. a bloated and tattooed Moses clutching tablets of composite concrete, etched with the spray painted ten deadly sins that I have partaken in and had done done to me.  The sea that parts ahead of me is a frothy ripcurl of backwashed pale ales and carcinogenic dust particles inhaled from 23 years of making everything that is built, beautiful. I am still here and my angel clean sister is not.

I am as old as the Hills you are supposed to run to, like Iron Maiden says .....I am the Old Man that the crusty cleric Neil Young spoke of, except I'm much more than the "24 and there's so much more."  I'm older than the fossilized molecules that made up jesus' sandal get it by now, right?

I will age twice as fast as all of you these coming seasons for reasons I cannot say, but my constipated ticker will hold steady..lead by my conquistador of a brain. On to new old lands. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Today, I didn't want no card, no cake, no firm handshake or pat on the back for having existed for another year...but I would have liked to be in Chicago at The Vic Theatre last night. Soundgarden played.

Soundgarden were responsible for my perilous and heavy soundtrack from 1993-1998. All of the other bands were equivalent to mere newsreel footage. And their boots weren't nearly as heavy.

I've got proof that they did the show right below..with my soundtrack for today is my is Soundgarden performing Let Me Drown.

And now, I will do as they have told.


  1. The audio comes back in at 1:26

  2. then goes away and comes back at 3:40.....

  3. Happy Birthday even if you don't want to hear it.

  4. Hey, Happy birthday!

  5. Hey Seano, Happy Birthday! Keep the chin up and the tick tock tickin. You are one of a kind and that is so cool. I am happy to know you even if it is only on the web.

  6. If you're Moses, then I'm Methuselah (and he's frickin' older than the hill Moses went up to collect those tablets).

    Happy Birthday, young fella!


  7. Happy Birthday, Seano-though belated....

  8. Keep fighting the good fight, and raging against the dying of the light. Hope the day was what the doctor ordered.