Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post of Note

A simple synapse, nerves collapsing, cerebral m-80 bouncing around.
There is very little common ground.
Discussion concussion abuse and contusions.
Dreams being sloppily drawn optical illusions.


Yeah, poetry.  Poetry on a music blog. Kinda lame. Really personal poetry. But it's my blog.

Then again, why do I blog?  Is it a selfish quest to entertain or inform?

Or is it to fill a white void where conversations allegedly escape to.............from.

When you spend most of your working life working alone,  in off- white rooms, vacant, swelling with shadows and echo
Spend most of your performing life industrially working on lyrics,

wood-shedding in edit , perfecting for stage and studio, and then having neither your audience nor your own band members ever even ask you about your work, your interpretation, your message.

Having your close friends and family , most of whom have read 1/100 of the books you have read, seen nothing of which you have seen...easily amused and impressed with whatever half ass prose pours out of me.

But still you are addicted to words, and hope someday to reach somebody, to complete a conversation you've been forced to have with yourself for decades.

Is this why I blog?

Literary loneliness?

It's a mystery. I've never seen any of you. And a troll or a stranger or newbie would have no idea what to think of this mess.  But "this blog was a blog of note" so I better robotically "follow, right.?

Literati lemmings lusting to learn.

Emptiness to fill with argument , memories to burn.


  1. I am reading your blog, have yet to publish my own words (I did write some though, they're just in the safety of my computer) and I am happy to have this conversation with you sir.

  2. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Thank you Mayte. Welcome to the East Coast. I've driven cross country 7 times. I can give you lots of tips. States to avoid..Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio states to enjoy...Montana, Wyoming, The Dakotas. Take the northern route. Desolate and beautiful. Have someone to talk to.

  3. I see nothing wrong with posting a poem on a music blog. I may post some old poetry I have wrote as well. Lyrics are both a major influence in how a song sounds, but also how well it sticks with over the years creating memories (the focus of my blog). I think they go perfectly hand-in-hand so go for it.

  4. I think:

    "Discussion concussion's abuse the contusions."

    flows better.

  5. Howdy, your blog page appears to be like quite artistic in its design and style.