Sunday, April 17, 2011

Soundgarden Summer Tour 2011

Soundgarden, Those Flannelled Freaks in their Forties are going on tour.

Well, Shit! I was right. I've only been waiting for this for a decade and a half.  Four dates have been announced to the faithful(so far), and drop kick me Jesus Bocephus!,  one of them is in Philly on July 13, just announced as a national holiday! Fuck that Liberty Bell, shit, let's rock.

If you live in Toronto, eh? LA, or Denver you also got some good news yesterday as well, although it has nothing to do with a fair and balanced budget or the sudden cancellation of Dancing With the Stars.  The shit's gonna spray out of the fan in either an all out Civil War or a world deleting Mayan prophecy in 2012, so get your riffy kicks while you can, you jaded fogey rockers.!

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  1. The Forum is my all time favorite inside venue! Its OLD and has a great ambiance because of it. None of this new slick stuff, just a bunch of seats, a stage and good memories.

  2. @ barbara, you are absolutely right.