Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seething Beatle

Found this over at Letters Of Note.

  It was apparently published 20 years ago, and strangely now, on the anniversary of Linda McCartney's death.

The anger just flows out of John in this response, retort to Linda. It is obvious to me that he was productive, but lost in the overwhelming confines of his love for Yoko, and, like the other Beatles, aimless and exposed following the death of Brian Epstein.

I'll continue to go back and forth between my unrealistic, fan boy alliance with either John or Paul. But today I'm in Paul's camp. John sounds level headed for a scant sentence or two, but for the most part is a vitriolic poison Paul arrow.  John even chastises Linda for addressing the letter to merely "John Lennon" and not "John and Yoko"!!!!!   Man , my lost weekend would STILL be going on if I had to come home to that. She'd be Yoko All-Alone-O...

Furthermore, I just had "Do The Oz"( b-side to Power to the People) pop up on my Ipod yesterday and the incessant screeching(disguised as bullshit art) by Yoko in the sideground made me want to divebomb off of a white ladder, into a caterwaul free void. The vocal styling is akin to the sound of a high heel piercing a bunny's brain.

Maybe, that's what he was REALLY angry about.

Then again, the anger sounds brilliant on the Plastic Ono Band album, one of my all time favs, despite the title.


  1. Its funny what luv will make a man do for his woman. She was all at once John's only thing and the ultimate (not only) reason for the Beatles split. what a reputation to shrug off!

  2. I am always amazed by the internal strife that Yoko caused. I am not a Beatles geek, but I have heard enough to know the tension she caused.

  3. Lennon would never have gone totally over to the YO side and stayed there, if Brian Epstein had not died.
    YokO was Lennon's Eppy/mother replacement. She recognized that and very cleverly exploited this vulnerability for her own benefit.

    Unfortunately, her priority was to keep Lennon all to herself, rather than continue Brian's ongoing drive to keep his beloved Boys together for the benefit of ALL of us.

  4. I wrote about the beatles as well. i was and always will be a John fan. I do not care how crazy he got, or what that woman did to him, he was still far more talented.