Saturday, August 30, 2008

Help for Dum Dums like me

I have been wanting to expand the flow of my creative juices since I did my daily e-mail blast of Seano's Top 40 at 40. I had not been writing on a daily basis for a long time and had no clue on how to expand my blog to make it more appealing to others and conducive to my creativity. I had a lot of questions and concerns. I found these links to help me, and believe me(as one who has neither the patience or web smarts) these links are helping my learning process truck along at a pretty good pace. Here I will list them stuff here for everyone from total non techies like myself......easily laid out in terminology that a 4th grader could handle. Visit as much info for those with blogging dreams...and tips on how to make your site easier to manage and cooler to look at.

Finally I would have to include For those who use as your hub for blogging(as I do) you cannot go wrong for any how- to you may have piling up like reams of paper in your pretty little cerebrum.

This is no advertisement....if you stumble on my site and like what you see or want to trade some good sarcastic wit with me...fine.....and if you are inspired to set up your own page to compete playfully with mine...awesome.....but start with these links if you are completelly clueless when it comes to web pages and how to have one.

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