Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #1

#1 The Beatles Something 1969 we are.....the very top of the list....with my very favorite song from my 40 years on this Earth. A love song.....a song about discovering the wondrous beauty that unfolds when you love someone..for 50 years or at first sight..if you cannot figure out why or if you know from the inside out...the emotion that is all, is everything. It really is all you need. And something as enormous or microscopic as Love is easily forgotten, tossed aside for fame, fortunes, gossip pages, road rages , corporate greed, dirty deeds, heartless discrimination, aimless retaliation, settling scores and winning wars.......we forget so easily much simpler life would be with just a little more love in it.

George Harrison was the quiet Beatle with the biggest heart....and this song speaks to us gives me the innermost joy every time I hear it...even if the tone is slightly melancholy..about a man questioning the choices he's made and wondering about his ability to give Love pass it on.

I had one of those life defining moments during an exceptional evening in Las Vegas August 2006, while attending the show called "LOVE" , a work of the finest I've ever seen by Cirque Du Soleil, that chronicled and celebrated the works of the Beatles in a way only Cirque Du Soleil can. It had been such an emotional year to that point...the beginning of two journeys that were built on son's birth on June 10 and my sister's diagnosis a week and one half earlier.....the balance between two very different paths celebrating the wonders of life and the triumph of living and giving Love.....anyway.....sitting in that theatre in the round watching the trapeze artist float and spin to the sounds of "Something" felt like a guardian angel had presented herself to me...reminding me to give love, to teach love to the best of my was a moment I will never is the foundation of my being.....this love thing.

To my wife and son......I love you with all of my heart.........I will continue to learn how to live, love and give to the best of my ability from the core of my being. So much to far to go.....

To my father and my mother.........You too have made me whom I am...with love...your challenges have always had a purpose...I know that now. You have shown me the true meaning of Love more than this #1 song ever could.

To my Brother Kevin.....I have known for so long how much you have to give...I'm so proud of you for letting us peak in and have a look around.....You have wisdom and experience that only enhances your ability to distribute your love.

To my sister are the cornerstone.....the soul provider...the teacher we all long to be.....your lessons pump the blood through my heart on my weakest days..your love for others and the way you live your life is my reminder of how important it is to live, love and fight every day for the things you believe in...and to take a deep breath and learn from mistakes and always....always...pass it on.

To my friends who have been so much a part of my life for 25 or more is a celebration that I have every time I hear from have always supported me and taken me for who I am with absolutely no are the stops on this journey that make the trip less tiresome, more enjoyable to know that our fairly small group know each other so well and accept the choices each other has made with love and support....thank you so much for travelling with me this far........................The next 40 will be slower...but the movement will be smoother......

I have no history lesson or odd fact that could ever enhance this excerpt into 40 years of loving music when it comes to the Beatles.......I have the music that traverses infinite worlds for generations that have been and that will come.... I have songs that mean so much to me that they will never depreciate.....they partially define who I am and pollenate my seeds for life and how to love it.......

I suppose if I were to do a top 10 it would be anti climactic....but let it be known that Rain, The Fool on the Hill, The Mustard Medley that ends Abbey Road, Within You Without You, Norwegian Wood, Sexy Sadie, Mother Natures Son, The entire Revolver album, Dear Prudence, Cry Baby Cry, In My Life, Across the Universe, Michelle, I Am the Walrus, Hello Goodbye, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away and of course......Hey Jude are not just pure genius....they are life forces....atoms, cells, heartbeats that make us human to begin with.......

In the interest of a few good men and a few great ladies...I will lay out #41- #50 for you....excluding groups/members of groups that have been included in Top Fives already

#41) Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters- Elton John
#42) Fearless- Pink Floyd
#43) Evil- Cactus
#44) Flight of Icarus- Iron Maiden
#45) Thirteen-Big Star
#46) Red House- Jimi Hendrix
#47) End Of The Day- Beck
#48) Summertime Rolls- Jane's Addiction
#49) Everybody Here Wants You- Jeff Buckley
#50) Sitting Still- R.E.M.

H.M.s Perfect Day- Lou Reed, Since You're Gone-The Cars, My Michelle-GnR, Stay With Me-The Faces, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry-Cowboy Junkies, Eyes of the World-Grateful Dead, Silver, Blue and Gold-Bad Co., Haitian Divorce-Steely Dan, Don't Worry Bout A Thing-Stevie Wonder, Do You Feel(Like We Do)- Peter Frampton, Dissident-Pearl Jam

Thanks everyone for playing along...It has been great having you participate in the shadows or on the front lines........This has been an awesome 40 mornings.................................Now...WHO'S NEXT?
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