Friday, August 01, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #7


So many times I have felt kicked in the head and too tired to fight my way out...tattooed to so many memories where I whittled away the hours scribbling manic prose into a notebook in a suburban bedroom or musty basement...with a furrowed brow and a low attitude........This song sat there with me.....behind love and laughter -a substitute for anything real I was able to feel in 1994.

This song, from Superunknown('94) is a wake up call to its own author Chris Cornell. He slowly crawls his way out of a murky disposition, the rhythm builds up to a scream...."seize the day, pull the trigger, drop the blade and watch the rolling heads"....reminding us how close chaos truly is there within every pregnant pause, every 30 second commercial, at every stop light.....Expect it, fight it or get lost in it..........get some, go again

One more time around might do it
One more time around might make it

There are louder faster harder Soundgarden songs, much more anthemic for the distant, rabid flannel massed armies of suburbia, but none as lyrically indelible for me back then.

Some may never understand the need for "downer" lyrics for so many people. But when you're down, they can be the only thing that may resonate in the dark. Fast cars and tight baseball caps and Hi-fiving your bros are out of the reach of the downtrodden. There were groups of these people everywhere molding in corners and stinking up the room....I avoided the reek anytime I could....I was proudly downtrodden, flamboyantly alienated.... I was NOT one of them and Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron from Soundgarden were like those guys at your first keg party who were older, wiser and put you at ease while you huddled around the tap. Chris had his arm around me spewing out war stories throughout the 90s and saying to me Yeah it sucks, but take two verses, a chorus and a solo of this, it will make you feel better......and it always did. Downer songs are also fighting songs in many ways.

Chris got off of the drugs and booze and went soft like so many heroes do when they have made peace with their pasts.....but he was there when I needed him.......I saw him in SF last year and he blew us away....his voice is back in shape and he did everything from Temple of the Dog to that crappy song from the last James Bond Movie......I hear his next album will be presented by a different apocalypse is longer dark, but soft in the middle and spoonfed to the lowest common denominator.....Ugh.....thats allright....I still have Superunknown, Badmotorfinger and Louder Than Love .

The Top 5 Soundgarden Songs
1) The Day I Tried To Live
2) Slaves and Bulldozers(Badmotorfinger '91) The most crushing song of all time.
3) Spoonman(Superunknown)
4) Burden in My Hand(Down on the Upside '96)
5) Zero Chance( Down on the Upside) absolutely beautiful song....means alot to me

Homorable mentions: Jesus Christ Pose,Drawing Flies, Kyle Petty, Son of Richard and Into the Void(Sabbath Cover)
10 The Day I Tried To Live.m4a
5064K Download

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