Sunday, August 03, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #4

# 4 Queen Killer Queen 1974

"She keeps a Mooey Shandow, in a pretty cabinet" tops my list of misinterpreted lyrics...starting when I first heard this song as a seventh grade dweeb, wearing floods and flannels. I wondered what the hell a Mooey Shandow could be, not for very long, maybe 5 minutes or so. I was instead put in a trace by the melodies and harmonies, especially the harmonies.....aren't the Beatles the only group that does that? I thought to myself? And that was where my fascination with this band called Queen began.

Could this band really have a better song than We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions? my little 7th grade brain thought while strolling to the library on a 10 minute pass.

So this question stuck and instead of hitting the books after school like Mr. Becker wanted me to, I hit the liner notes of my worn out Queens Greatest Hits cassette for info and answers. Soon after, I saw my first video(a "Closet Classic" on early MTV) of this great group Queen. Their enigmatic frontman had tight yellow spandex on and a moustache much more well groomed than my Dad's. He was prancing around the stage and was so energetic that he must have pulled the top half of the mic stand from its base, but it didn't seem to bother him as he held it like that for the rest of the video. That moustache was hiding a weird set of chompers, that prancing looked like a cross between Xmas elves in Santa's workshop and didn't seem masculine at all. But that voice.....that voice made all of my questions and gender confusion go bye bye.
His notes, journeying from a smooth vibrato flow to a fury, made my idol Robert Plant's vox prowess sound like a smokers cough sung through a 3 day old sock......COMPLETE CONTROLLLLLLL!
Wow. Blown away on a 1981 summer day. I set my sights on digging deeper....Sheer Heart Attack(the album this comes from), A Night at the Opera, The Game, Queen II.....but I always came to Killer Queen. I still get goosebumps when I hear the opening finger snaps. I could not believe that a band could do so much emotional coverage in 3 minutes.......Finger Snaps, 3 part harmonies, a top 5 air guitar worthy guitar solo by Brian May and those wacky lyrics by the man himself Freddy Mercury...who was the Killer Queen? Was she dynamite with a laser beam....was she guaranteed to blow your mind?

Years later I learned that "MOET CHANDON" is a fancy French Champagne...a Queen is a persnickety gay man and Freddy was wearing those moose knuckle laden yellow spandex for specific reasons. It Mattered Not. The love for Freddy remains the same. My all time favorite vocalist along side Percy Plant......he is so missed.

Top 5 Queen Songs
1) Killer Queen
2) Somebody To Love
3) Fat Bottomed Girls
4) Play The Game
5)Stone Cold Crazy

Honorables: Your My Best Friend, Dragon Attack, Get Down, Make Love, Save Me(awesome)

03 Killer Queen.m4a
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