Sunday, August 31, 2008

Relearn, Relaunch

I guess this is my first official post of Phase II of this blog. I will spew lots of useless facts about Rock,my first love... I will most likely offend or enlighten people along the way.I will berate other genres of music..not all of 'em, just the ones that make the world a cheaper,dirtier place to be. I will talk about my life...what's good and what or who is missing from it. I will frequently talk about my sister whom I miss very much and will need to tell her why....I'll probably talk about movies, Franken Berry, Hot Wheel Cars, useless celebrities, Wacky Packages, great web sites,writers and artists I like and all of the ones I dont. There may be poetry, snippets of songs I wrote....potluck, mishmashes hodgepodges of anything and will be here. Sarcasm is king in my life....laughter is essential right now more than is why I feel like writing again.....My sister is my inspiration...

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