Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. Lung cancer took my sister a little over two months ago. Lung Cancer took George Harrison,Bob Marley,Warren Zevon, Carl Wilson, Eddie Kendricks, Sandy West(Runaways drummer), Hilly Kristal, John Wayne, Walt Disney and Peter Jennings. I could go on and on.....

What people don't realize are the statistics. Cancer does not discriminate,so why should the media? Why..year after year do we see more and more "pink ribbons" everywhere? Sure boobs are pretty....boobs are sexy..Most women wish either wish they had bigger ones or don't want to lose the ones they have.Celebrities get cancer.Celebrities have boobs, too. Sometimes they have to have them removed!Shocker!!!Call the tabloids! And because of this, I guess the campaigns for breast cancer research are monumental.Astounding...We are bombarded with pink all of the time! Pink ribbons on frosted flakes,motor oil, perfume, fast food wrappers, fruit,tampons,rolling papers....on display at churches, gyms, voting booths, Ozzfest......My sister was perplexed...outraged! What is the difference?! Cancer is Cancer...and it could take you tomorrow...overweight Motorhead fan with the man boobs and dusty boots....Phishhead girl with the henna tattoos and the fake dreads.....Soccer mom with the blue mini van and the Toby Keith bumper sticker...uber healthy vegan boy with tan skin permanently attached to a yoga mat....!!! Get the facts...take steps for early prevention! Ask Why!

Why all of the attention on Breasts? When Lung cancer takes more people than breast, ovarian, pancreatic,testicular,lymphoma,melanoma and liver COMBINED every year.Over 160,000 will pass from lung cancer this year...20, 000 of them NON SMOKERS! And where are the other colored ribbons...the million dollar ad campaigns for lung, prostate, liver,lymphoma,melanoma......where! It reeks of being unfair.....My sister wanted a "Rainbow Ribbon" that covered all of the bases as a symbol and reminder of the need for more research and campaigns for early detection for ALL Cancers! My family will continue to build on her dream, that you can believe.

And for those with breast cancer or the loved ones that surround them,let nothing change. Fight on! But realize that there are many out there who need help, money, research and a "national" spotlight just as much as you. Awareness is Key! November is Lung Cancer awareness month. Get the facts!....and go out and VOTE today.

Now I'll put away the soapbox until the Rock and Roll Hall of fame inductions are announced..!


  1. It took my dad too.

    I will do a post on this in the next few days and link back here.

    Thanks for making such a valid point.

  2. I linked here today, it should be posted shortly. I sure as hell hope you don't mind! If you do let me know soon. Thanks :)

    (oh, its on Writing from the Inside Out)

  3. I had a thought today. Maybe it doesn't get the play that breast cancer does because there are high profile celebrities who've survived breast cancer. I have not done ANY research, so this very well could be completely false, but I don't know of big name survivors.

    Totally just a thought.