Thursday, November 06, 2008

Smashed Pumpkins

Billy Corgan just cracks my ass up. He really doesn't give a poop whether the fans that came to see him in Toronto on Nov. 3 were upset that he played almost an hours worth of long rawk jams, went into snippets of "White Rabbit" from Jefferson Airplane "Tom Sawyer" and "YYZ" from Rush and then proceeded to launch into an epic version of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" by Pink Floyd ..He did it anyway,awesomely alienating all those hit-mongers that are the blight of most concert going experiences. And during the encore he led his band through a kazoo only version of "Everything is Beautiful" and berates a fan for chanting "Cherub Rock!!" over and over...basically sends the dude to his room.
My favorite part of the video I've included is when he states.."You find me a band without BEARDS that can play 48 fucking songs over two nights! This ain't no fucking hippy shit!".....Nuff said, Billy. Good for you for leaving all those Pumpkinites Mellon Collie...


  1. My son will be going to see Smashing P's next month. He's 17 its his first big concert. Unfortunately he does not have his mother's excellent taste in rock and roll so if they break out in some Jefferson Airplane or Floyd or Rush - he'll be clueless. Luckily his friend he's going with knows all those bands :) I wanted to go with them but I love the kid too much to embarrass the hell out of him.

  2. This cracked me the fuck up, thanks for posting it.

  3. This article has made me more of a Pumpkins fan than I ever was before today. I have great respect for bands that make a concert an experience, not just a greatest hits rehash. It's only November 7th, maybe there are still some pumkins left to smash.