Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reason To Become a Stage Dad #1:

This is my boy. The boy who could speak LONG before he could walk. The boy who could rock LONG before he could roll. Now he does both!...Can I tell you how awesomely divine it is to hear my boy ask "Daddy can you play Lust For Life on drums?" or hear a two year old with a crusted over milk moustache answer a tough question like "What is your favorite band?" with a resounding.."LED ZEPPELIN!!!"as crumbs tumble from his lips. Yeah. I'm a proud papa. Will I force him into taking guitar lessons when he turns 3.?..maybe.The earlier the barre chord, the better! Or perhaps I'll just convince him that a power chord is one of the most perfectly beautiful sounds he'll ever hear..cooler than a motorcycle or a leaf blower! Will I pepper in rock trivia between Goodnight Moon and Go,Dog,Go at bed time?...Why yes, I think I will. But I'll make it fun...maybe switch the title of that bizarre book to Goodnight KEITH Moon..something like that.
Will I be an overbearing stage Dad who pushes his son into rock avenues that he doesn't want to go down?.will I take away his Wii and push him into practice spaces, open mics and spotlights? Nawww, I'll just tell him about the pay-off. The return he'll get after the hard work, the blisters, the wood-shedding....You know..CHICKS! COLD CASH! Debauchery and deliverance from basement obscurity!!!
Hmmmmmm.....that doesn't sound right. Maybe I'll just teach him how it feels to write a song from scratch...from smudged out scribbles in a rainy day notebook..and a repetitive hum that fights a refrain of traffic noise or busted out beat on a handle bar to an actual song. One with a sturdy strummed out anthemic melody and a chorus that you think you could hear a whole stadium singing along with you if you just shut your eyes tight enough...dream hard enough. Yeah that sounds better. Thats what I'll do. That's my next lesson.

Thanks Hudson for making Daddy proud...and making Daddy feel the dreams you make(for us)

That's my boy....


  1. this brought tears to my eyes! I am also a bit envious. I attached headphones to my belly and played my kid Zeppelin for months before he was born, I played him Pink Floyd when he was a baby, Bruce Springsteen during his toddler years.....well you get the idea. 17 years later I am STILL trying to get him to have decent taste in music.

  2. Dio on your singingbox sounds a lot like Clutch.
    Elliot Smith is just Syd Barrett, but less psychedelic.

  3. Cool kid. Great taste. Must of been the teacher.

    Check out my latest post on Led Zep. Never too early to start Hudson's library. LOL.

    Have a good one.

  4. Anonymous8:42 AM

    "CHICKS! COLD CASH! Debauchery and deliverance from basement obscurity!!!"

    HELLS YES!!!!