Monday, April 13, 2009

District of Columbia

Whereabouts: the end of Iowa..The Big Bopper's thrashed tranny was covered under warranty..good thing, too. Van transmissions cost as much as a small slightly used-Hyundai these days.. with three and a half hours until showtime..Pete and I sat upfront with an steady ipod playlist diet of Dio and Soundgarden and blazed all the way to Omaha, Nebraska Our ears were ringing pleasantly as we pulled in front of the Waiting Room and 11 road weary men set up a stage in under 15 minutes. The set was like a tidal wave of rawk washing over the crowd and they were drowning in sound.As we left the stage there was a tray of shots given to us by the owner who(according to a member of security)"never does that". We sold a shitload of t-shirts and blazed out of there.

The next day we headed to Columbia, Missouri to a club called Mojo's near the campus of The University of Missouri. The exterior of this club looked equivalent to the one featured in The Blues we were envisioning playing behind chicken wire, dodging bottles of moonshine and getting requests for Conway Twitty. Instead it was a college heavy crowd and some local gamers who knew every word and wanted autographs at the end of our set. There was a fevereshly enthusiastic young fan who came wearing a REAL aluminum garbage can with suspenders and asked us all to sign it with Sharpies...we asked him why he was wearing it, since it has nothing to do with Bang Camaro...he replied simply "Because, I CAN." Kids today.....

I formed a coalition with Rod and Zach and Dan to dig deeper in our quest to avoid "road food" at all costs. I will eat more salads, run behind a rest stop and graze grass like the heffer I am if I have to. I will raid neighborhoods in the south for their healthy spring gardens, risking arrest. Its atrocious what's out there in middle America as far as healthy choices go. If I ever see another Wendy's or Subway or Hardee's or Pizza Slut again after the tour...I'm going to run screaming right towards the nearest obese tweenager sitting like a lump on the school grounds and have him/her do a lap with me. I really miss my wife's cooking and her gestapo like stance on bad food, high fructose corn syrup and saturated fats. I will never complain about being dragged to Whole Foods again. I promise.

Woke up yesterday Early to wish my wife and son a Happy Easter. Pamela sent me some pics of Hudson eating his chocolate carrots.She has been great about sending me pictures even in her most stressful stretches...she comes through. I get new ones every day...even of Hudson's haircut(which I usually disapprove of)..She decided against any sort of Easter egg hunt which I would have rectified had I been there.

Its been over 4 weeks since I've seen them and some days are really hard. I just focus on seeing them soon and enjoying the rest of the spring in some semblance of normalcy.

We're headed to Kansas City tonight...I've never been there so every experience will be a new one...and of course we will rock. We always do. stay in touch! Seano

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