Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Sooner the Better

I'm beat....There's been a mini horde of cough fests, strep throat and viruses swirling around the Man Van and I hope one has not latched on to me. I felt a twinge in my chest and stomach during our set last night This is the most important stretch of the trip so go fucking figure. In (one of the oddest towns I've ever been in) Norman, OK I sat post show in the outdoor green room just looking for energy, scanning the space for my bearings...Dick Valentine, singer for Electric Six looked over at me and said " Road gettin' to ya?" When the road gets to you you apparantly should have a talk with it.

I don't think the Road per se is getting to me. I think my unfriendly combo of bad to limited sleep and bad over eating is coming up for air in my insides and giving me a signal to find the horizon line and focus on it. More water, more greens,look under the van seats for stray chi or chakras...whatever it takes. So I look straight ahead to Texas, New Mexico and California for inspiration and health. My family is on that horizon line as well.

The Last few nights have been a heady blur of shows at the Record Bar in Kansas City. Small room, big energy... fans once again split 50/50 between us and the E6, burnt burger overtoasted bread, lost of fans who drove from other locales.

And then through most of Oklahoma, driving through the rolling cattle ranches, spotted scorched and blacked out landscapes, the rising smoke from the burning beef blood from the slaughterhouses and on and on into non descript Norman, OK for a show at the Opolis, a converted garage with a stage that shifted and vibrated throughout our set. A strange night with a heckler or two and some folded arms from some sooner hipsters staring back at us...playing the too cool for school part as best they could in their little town. It mattered not, the show was sold out, we signed a guitar hero guitar and a shitload of shirts and converted many to the way of the Camaro.

I chilled out in the van as best I could after the show, waiting for my wave of exhaustion to settle into came down on me gently until the man van had to leave and everybody got in to drive for two hours. I don't even know where we are as I type this ...somewhere between Norman and back to Music City...Austin Texas for a show at the legendary venue Emo's. Must rest until then........

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  1. You may not remember, but I was at the Kansas City show Monday night with my friend--we were in front, in colorful outfits. You guys made some instant fans there for sure! Feel better, hope the tour continues to go well!