Thursday, April 02, 2009

Week in Rock Review

Did you know that the American side of Niagara Falls is difficult to find? And that it is not a good idea to make a U turn on the Peace Bridge in a white van full of long hairs who REALLY don't want to go to Canada. Did you know that its not a good idea to not have ID after pulling into the lane to get back into the US? Have you ever answered "cock rock" when asked by a surly border patrol official what kind of music your band plays? have you ever seen the inside of the detention area at the border and waited while sweating thru your denim for what comes next? Have you ever closed your eyes while in this situation and pictured a completely dismantled down to the axles van and hoped it all was over soon?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you were with us on our field trip the other day...we were released without incident...not even a ticket for the illegal uturn right in front of the cameras on the bridge. We did get to see the falls and were not tempted to jump in.

Camaro rocked Kentucky at the Dame...twirling hair under the lights..thunder gone asunder..when the crowd is thin it moves us to rock to the tenth power. Goodbye KY...hello Detroit.

I've been around this country and have never seen an unused major league baseball stadium half demolished and still standing, or a large group of low income housing projects completely burned out and vacant or a boarded up Wal-Mart....until I came to Detroit. The blight we passed through was not going to affect our showcase for an advertising firm who deals with GM....the venue...a sports bar next to the offices with more screens than people....the goal... to impress the suits enough to get a Bang Camaro song on the soundtrack to an upcoming major motion picture. The bar was open and the show was super solid rock..lots of shaking hands and a few its on to Spartan country...otherwise known as East Lansing, MI home of Michigan State...with them being in the final four this weekend...we're hoping for pandemonium.

Tomorrow I fly to Rochester for Meaghan's Run/5k 2009...for a reunion gig with my old band One Ton Hush as a celebration for racers and a celebration of the life of my biggest sister Meaghan.

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  1. Sean, you are SO funny. Your really are. I cracked up at the first part of this post.

    Its great that you get to perform for Meaghan tomorrow! Have a great time.