Monday, March 30, 2009

Buffalo Soldiers

Mohawk Place in Buffalo..legendary venue in a downtown Buffalo area fully fit for a zombie movie...wind howling, vacant streets..homeless,pungent zombies with runny red eyes scraping for change...the venue had some legendary bathrooms that I'm sure some of our most fearless heroes would cringe upon tinkling in...but the PBRs were cheap, and the venue was loud and packed with friends and family of Bryn and myself...(the two Bang Camaro members with western NY roots)...this show was my Fav so far...Leslies set slayed the crowd with a chord crunching purpose propelled by lead singer /guitarist Sadler Vaden's young manhood and rock abandon, and their energy floated like a cloud virus over the room..there was plenty for us to inhale by the time we went on...and the bang head and shred party was brought down on the hungry crowd in spades! Sweat, beer and writhing,rocking commotion ensues! I cannot tell you how cool it feels to see fists up and mouths moving along to Camaro songs night after night.. Sure I can, I just did!

A day off today to see Niagara Falls...and then on to Kentucky...believe me when I say this...our grass is not blue!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you had such a good time at this venue...did you tinkle in their restroom?

    Enjoying hearing about your adventure!!!