Friday, March 20, 2009

Boston to Austin

We're here...SXSW. Austin, Texas. Disneyland for rockers of all shapes and sizes, hairstyles,odors,dirty boots,nose rings,skinny jeans,accents,passports,weird beards and cheap sunglasses. Lots of black attire in the blazing included. We play our first of two shows here today at a place called Lovejoys, whose wi-fi I am stealing right now.

Yesterday I saw some great bands from a handful of different genres. Gallows is a young punk/hardcore band from the UK who really impressed me. They not only encourage a pit, they set up and play from INSIDE of it.

Kylesa is a strong stoner rock band from Savannah, GA. who has a ferocious female lead guitarist who just slays her goldtop as is a co- lead vocalist who really gets her growl on. They have 2 drummers all southern rock style who bring the thunder and lightening to the ground splitting rhythm.

Black Math Horsemen are doom goth meets Mastodon with a slightly Elvira looking Amazonian on bass and lead vocals. She kind of has a low howl that floats out front of very spooky but dreamy dark rock. The drummer was going insane on his kit. I felt the heat from 4 rows back.

Lots more to talk about later.....Seano

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  1. I've always wanted to go to SXSW! I am glad you are having fun and hearing some good music!