Friday, March 27, 2009

Billy Joel is in my Head

We have a show in Allentown, Pa tonight. I wish my wife and son could make the trip so I could see them, but it is not to be. So I will pass the day today trying to get Billy Joel's epic "Allentown" out of my skull. Yesterday we were in the van for just under a million hours and stopped at a Super 8(yes,another one)in West Virginia. I don't have any memories of Allentown except passing throught there one year on a bus full of sullen people on their way to Nowheresville. I also have the aching dirty faces of the steel workers from the Allentown video etched in front of my eyes and am expecting everyone to look like that when we get they will be in dire need of some hot rocking!

On a side note I will be coming to Rochester NY(my home town)a week from today to participate in and celebrate Meaghan's Run 2009. Please go to for details on how you can donate to my sister's dream of generating money for early detection research for lung cancer(non smokers). Well now its countdown to getting back in the van on the way to Crocodile Rock in Allentown. Horns up!

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