Sunday, March 29, 2009

From Allentown to Ithaca

Two shows in two days....high energy..massive volume....Allentown looks like a town that was never finished....The Crocodile Rock was the strangest club I've ever seen....part college frat furniture...part pizza shop...3 stenchy stages....double booked in the room we were in...wondrous energy on a loud stage...tinnitus makes its first appearance in 10 years....Emo Band battle in another room...lemmings following each other to see Days of The new in another...

Ithaca brought close friends of Bryn, Andre and myself to the venue. Tom, Melissa, Ken and GG showed up from Rochester to witness the sonic sprawl and spectacle of a chorus line of Rawk Godz..wheels were bound to fall off as rumored but we rocked a rowdy half house and stayed the course with ...the arc of the beer spray was magical in the stage light...the headbang sweat a true baptism in the maddest sense of the definition of Rock.

We pile into two hotel rooms 11 men deep, 4 air mattresses strong in various degrees of blurry eyes and bodily function.....a short rest before a three hour drive in the AM..errr afternoon...shuffling off to Buffalo. Western NY receives the Rock very soon.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like the "Rock" is truly with you!
    ..but it seems that with the large number of shows under your belt, the decibels are catching up with your ears.
    Consider ear plugs, my friend. As uncool as they are, they are way better than tinnitus.