Sunday, March 22, 2009

Texas Flood

The river of my rock mind has been overrun for the last three days...flooded in fanatic festivity. In Austin, everyone is a dreamer, rocker, artist and I felt at home wandering around with abandon and explicit schedules among one of them.
Among the highlights..besides performing with Bang Camaro to enthusiastic audiences was seeing bands like Leslie..our tourmates...blazing down home rock from these three outstanding southern gentlemen complete with lyrics that warm your heart and caress your soul at the same time. Hot Leg..Justin Hawkins(the Darkness) and his new band in all of their pomp glam rock 8o's glory.The Everyday incredibly harmonic Boston band somewhere between Beachwood Sparks and the Beach Boys with distortion.
Whorehound...a tight and rumbling steady stoner band from heavy Houston.Dean Lickyer...a hot quartet of classic rocking youngsters from Hamilton, Ontario with a lead singer cloned from the pieces of Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger and Chris Robinson.

We're off to Atlanta today...a trip that will take just about two days.

I hope you don't mind that Circle of Fits has turned into a tour diary for the time being...I will get back to the regularly scheduled rock snark and constructive criticism when the tour would still be nice to hear from some of the regulars while I ride these lonesome roads............seano

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  1. Keep posting. Rock isn't dead. It's alive and on the road.