Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gearing Up For The First Show

I'm seated in an Au Bon Pain while in pain on a Thursday Morning. I had to walk through Harvard Square to get here, and as my eyes met the hundreds of students rushing into classes where greatness is accumulated or achieved, who study furiously like I rock, I felt inspired to walk on to the first short bus that I could find. I could feel my brain cells tensing up in embarrassment. I waved to a man in a Harvard uniform sweeping up cigarette butts in solidarity.

I slept on a mid 70s orang-ish faux velvet couch last night after a great practice with Bang Camaro that lasted way past this daddy's bed time. But I better suck it up, because the road is ahead of me, and bed time is usually undefined within that parameter. As usual, a masterful headache arrived just when I needed it to LEAST: about an hour before practice.At this point, pain is like a cruel joke, accepted and given in to. I managed to push through and it was great to see how a "choral" vocal accompaniment to hard rock takes shape. I sing the high parts, which didn't help the right side of my temple much, but everyone was pleased and the rock was brought in spades. Tonight is another practice with all six singers in attendance. And tomorrow we head to NY for the first show. Its an early show for NY: starting at 9pm at a hot club called Santo's Party House. My friend Roger took me there once and we were wallflowering out of our element and stared at Chloe Sevigny dancing in the front while we sipped our 11 dollar Heinekens.

This show tomorrow night will feature another band as well called Tab the band. Two of Joe Perry's Kids are in the band so maybe he will be there and I can tell him how awesome I think his work from "Rocks" is and ask him if he remembers meeting my sister and I in 2006.
The night is hosted by Andrew WK (remember him?) who is a co-owner? of Santo's Party House. I really don't know what to expect...but I'll fill you in with the details as needed. I hope to see some of my NYC peeps in attendance.

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  1. It is great to hear the "spark" in your words!
    This is your element.
    Rock on!