Monday, March 16, 2009

On The Road

Well its been a few days....the NYC Show went really well. The crowd was nutso and sang along with everything...Andrew W.K. came up on stage with us to sing "Night Lies". Joe Perry was in attendance walking around with the assistance of a gilded cane. He watched his two suns in Tab The Band open the show for us from the VIP section. I did not get a chance to speak with him but he did look at me funny a few times. Nothing new, everybody does. My neck has swollen up with a bad case of headbanger-itis but I hear with repeat movements (reps)...I'll build an adequate muscle back there.

Today I leave for 4 weeks. It will take us several days to get to Austin for the SXSW Festival. I'm sad to leave my precious wife and son to follow this crazy dream that sat latent for 10 years and then suddenly appeared in front of me. It will be hard on my wife to be with Hudson alone for such a long time. I am thankful, that even through the stress of all of this, she has given me the OK to do it. I love her dearly for that and for her support.
It will be strange for Hudson as well...Mom knows very little about Hot Wheel Cars and drum circles and boy stuff...he'll wonder where his Dad is. I love him and will miss him.....

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