Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gearing Up for the Masquerade

I'm unbearably psyched to play at this venue tonight called The Masquerade in Atlanta,Ga. Its a legendary club that has been a downtown institution for decades. it is divided into three levels...Heaven,Hell and Purgatory.Of course the bands all play in Hell...incredibly appropriate. I lived in hot 'Lanta in 1992-1993 and had the pleasure of seeing Alice in Chains play there on the Dirt tour. I also had the pleasure of shaking Jerry Cantrell's hand post show and sitting next to Layne Staley at the bar pre-show clutching a cold one while there was nobody around. Looking back..I would have said something to him...for in the years that followed...the Dirt album was a monumental influence on me.

I also saw Blind Melon, Stone Temple Pilots and GWAR annihilate the stage in Hell. The end of my stay in Atlanta was really traumatic...but my memories of the Masquerade are fond and full. Let's make some more.....

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