Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The West Is The Best

The trailer fiasco/mystery has been solved. It was a wheel bearing that had no bearings left and needed replacing. We spent the day in Albuquerque wandering and waiting for that call from the mechanic. The call that packs the dirty clowns back into the van..the call that deploys the circus onward into tour oblivion. And away we went... The next stop would be San Diego... a mere twelve hours of desolate desert driving away. away....away.... Do you hear that echo? The echo of your thoughts bouncing around a small moving space and fighting with clusters of jokes, sweet beefs,recaps of the previous nights events... Have you ever sat with your knees nutcrackered against your chest while confronting an oncoming cold for hour after hour. You start seeing shamans descending from starry skies in a medicine haze out of the van window and wonder when they will come to take you.

I am the last guy to get sick on the tour. I was so surprised to have lasted this long as my immune system has been shoddy and assailed by any virus not on a computer for the last two years. Dan had a cold. Morgan had a fever. Andre had strep. Bryn had congestion. Rod had bad allergies. Sadler lost his voice. And so on. Toss it my way and see what sticks. But not in California....if I'm gonna get sick, let it be in Allentown...not in California! But here I am drowning myself in water and gobbling ibuprofen as I write from sunny San Diego. Last night before the show at the legendary Casbah, I took my wife's advice and went looking for raw garlic to consume. She claims that raw garlic will knock a cold out of you faster than a normal relentless path of treatment. So I found some and made the mistake of nibbling on the clove rather than just going for it gangbusters. My tongue went numb, my tears dripped holy water and my chest blazed under my shirt. I am now safe from Nosferatu, The entire cast of Twilight, that crafty Lestat character,Morbius and any one of Buffy's slayees. I don't know if my cold will go away. I will will it away in time for the Jimmy Kimmel Show and the Viper Room Show. I will rock like someone half my age!(otherwise known as anybody else in the van)

Last night's show was exciting standard fare. Hot Rockin' hair flipping metal madness..and despite the threat of mucus...I had no problems hitting the notes..The spell of being in Southern California wast cast by the skinny jean wearin' west coast wizards and shone through during Leslie's set. For the last two shows, Sadler has pulled out the deep cuts which are always a thrill for this card carryin' classic rock envoy. Hearing those boys tear the blues a new asshole is a wonder for me. Bring on the gooseflesh, old body of mine.

Bring on the sun today. Sun makes me think of home no matter where I am. My wife loves the sun and she gets all of those pretty summer clothes out of hiding right about this time every year. That vision might just make my cold go away faster than any old vampire deflecting drug store remedy will. She's got a long stride in a short skirt........

Today the sky is the limit and LA is the destination. Where many rock dreams begin and end in a whirlwind of addiction, attraction, destiny, luck, waiting tables and bartending.....Let's do it to it.!

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