Wednesday, April 08, 2009

From Loops to Lakes

Present time: 930am in a Comfort Inn right out side of Minneapolis...mood grumpy...having missed the continental breakfast by mere minutes and not wanting to venture out into the semi desolate/industrial landscape to find a breakfast sandwich that's just going to clog my arteries while soaking up the Pabst puddle in my belly anyway...guess I'll just sit here and blog...staring at a dusty fruit bowl. And catch you up...on the world of Bang Camaro.

Dateline Rochester..last weekend. Meaghan's Run was held on April 4th in blowing rain/snow and biting wind...and still 1100 people showed up for the cause.(local research for early detection of lung cancer) With the weather and a busted up economy as our nemesis, we still made 50k in one day and the money train continues to slowly chug in. My sister, floating above and passing through the spirit and determination of the runners, was proud of us all....The afterparty was also a stunning success. There was another reunion of my old band One Ton Hush..friends of 20 plus years lofting out classic rock bombs and seeing who caught them. Although the stage lights highlighted the double chins and crows feet,and we were merely one practice deep into preparation...we pulled it off and I was happy to entertain the crowd with several of our never- played -live- before originals like In Between, She's A Landmine and Replica. While I was in my hometown, I was able to get a new laptop battery, thanks to my best bud Anthony, so I will be posting more often.

On Monday, I flew into Chicago, just in time for soundcheck at the Double Door for our gig there with Leslie and Electric Six. I had only been to Chicago once before and was happy to be in a big city. The Double Door is a cavernous venue with great sound and awesome green rooms. I shared some homemade Jambalaya with my band mates,that was scanned at the airport, mistaken for explosives(must have been the duct tape)and devoured in the time it takes you to think twice about something.
The show was a tour de force of shred/head..that powerful combo of amplification and animation between musician and show goer. There were 600 fists in the air at one point and my neck thanks you all.The rock gods keep allowing us one hour away per night from our penance of the road to bring the rock to those most in need. We are missionaries of Marshall, we are the gift that keeps on giving. Chicago don't hate Mondays! Afterwards we played whiffle ball homerun derby with the bouncers/bartenders in an empty club...the key word being "whiff". I do have some background in whiffle ball prowess and brought my legendary swing to the plate/puddle several times. Got to the hotel at 330 and was up at 830am. I wrote a letter to my dear son Hudson whom I had a disturbing dream about while others slept and snored..I know he's confused without me there at home so I wrote about all of the things I want to do with him when I get home. I will make it up to him and my wife, who has done everything while I've been gone...without me there. As the road still calls, it won't be long until the three of us are together again.

We climbed into the van where the day's driving(7hrs) was split between myself and our awesome tour manager/soundman Dan. Lots of smooth jams, 80s one hit wonders, sax solos and Prince rocking the ipod...

And on to Minnesota to play at the legendary Minneapolis club, The First Avenue. This is where Prince rocked the celluloid in the movie Purple Rain in 1984...all decked out in Purple suede, frill and Jheri Curl. It was exactly as I remembered it in the movie..without the smoke machine, the motorcycle or the sweet vision of Appolonia shivering naked on the shores of lake Minnetonka(That's Not Lake Minnetonka). I looked for the ghost of Morris Day in the balcony but did not feel him. The presence of the Purple One was indeed on our minds as we entered the stage with Lets Go Crazy as our intro song.We traded the leather trenchcoats and high heels for dirty jeans and boots and tore into the crowd with a fury..They ate up Swallow The Razor,Push Push(Lady Lightening) and Rock Rebellion. My voice happened to be on last night and I delivered some high growls that would make Mr. Hetfield and Mr. Kilmister proud. The choir was 8 mics strong last night..and the throats and bodies were bumping to the wattage maximus.

Another great show in a legendary venue...another round of pressing the flesh, meeting fans, making new ones and hearing their stories. The camaraderie is strong and I really feel a part of this band. So much talent on that stage every night and great friends from different backgrounds. That's all for today.....send me a message out on this long hearing from you.


  1. Sean,
    Wow. I loved every word of this. Your writing really draws a person in. Hudson will be thrilled to get a letter from you. Yeah, its tough on him but the second he sees you again it will be like you never left and all will be well. What a THRILL to be in the same stage as the Purple One! I love, love, love Prince. Sounds as if you and the band are really tight. I’m so glad you decided to do this. When will you be in CA???

  2. P.S. Glad to hear that Meaghan's Run was such a huge success!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just checked your myspace page to see that BC will be in my area at the end of this month!

    I'll be there, probably in San Diego

  4. Did you get to meet the guys from The Electric Six? If so, are they as funny in person as in their music?

  5. sorry I missed you in Minny. I love First Ave. Go to my share of shows there. Glad you had a good one my friend.