Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bob and Al's Excellent Adventure

Welcome to my day late Grammy Recap. I was nowhere near a computer yesterday, so please excuse my tardiness. My smart money bet prevailed as Raising Sand took home the Album of the Year award as well as Record of the Year for Please Read The Letter(co written by Jimmy Page!) Raising Sand won a total of 5 awards and, more importantly, kept Coldplay out of the top spot! Kudos to Bob and Al for their work. It really is a fantastic album. This leaves Allison Krauss as the recipient of the most Grammys won by a female in the history of the awards with 26. She is only 37 years old. She broke her OWN record.

I would like to agree with a comment made by Layla over at Layla's Classic Rock. Robert was so happy that night. The cheeriness in his wrinkly 60 year old cheeks left me with no doubt that we would never see him on tour with the mighty Zep again. It really hit home when he said in one of his speeches "In the old days, we would have called this selling out." This is where he wants to be..not on some grueling tour with 2 cryptkeepers and a fat bald,non -heir to the greatest drum throne of all time. We should let him go wherever his trampled under feet may take him.

Just a couple more comments and observations....Radiohead's performance with the USC marching band behind them handling all of the percussion in their brilliant song 15 Step was worth every minute of having to force myself through:

-Kid Rock getting 3 FUCKING songs chock full of AMENs and American Flags and Sir Paul and Dave Grohl getting one.
-Justin Timberlake waxing nostalgic and crooning like a girl and thinking since Dick in A Box worked, he's the funniest guy with pubes for a beard to grace us with his presence. You'll always be N-SPHINCT to me, JT.

-The Jonas Brothers jumping around like fey little pre-teens hopped up on Smarties, playing Rock Band and smothering Stevie Wonder who CAN'T SEE THEM.

-Coldplay winning BEST ROCK ALBUM(for being alone in an elevator) claiming themselves as hard as "limestone", and marching out those Sgt. POOPER uniforms again while fawning on Sir Paul. Chris stole Springsteen's crotch slide move as well during their performance of the live ipod commercial otherwise known as Viva La Vida.

-A bunch of hip hoppers jacking their tux pants up and verbally vomiting lyrics while M.I.A. pranced around all pregged-out in a stretched to the limit ladybug meets pantyhose one-sie.

Other high lights included Carrie Underwood's glossy gams and Katy Perry's banana.

All in all...I kept my composure and was glad to see In Rainbows win Best Alternative Album, and Kings Of Leon, Metallica and the Mars Volta bringing home some awards as well.


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    And I believe in her lifetime she'll become the most awarded ARTIST in the history of the Grammys: Alison Krauss has won a record twenty-six Grammy Awards[74] over the course of her career as a solo artist, as a group with Union Station, as a duet with Robert Plant, and as a record producer. This is more than any other female artist and is the third most won by any artist overall.[75] She overtook Aretha Franklin for the most female wins at the 46th Grammy Awards where Krauss won three, bringing her total at the time to seventeen (Franklin won her sixteenth that night), and performed with Sarah McLachlan.[76] The Recording Academy (which presents the Grammy Awards) presented her with a special musical achievement honor in 2005.[77] She has also won eight Country Music Association Awards,[78] fifteen International Bluegrass Music Association Awards,[79] and two Gospel Music Association Awards.[80] The record for the most Grammy Awards in a lifetime is held by Sir Georg Solti, a Hungarian-British conductor who conducted the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for twenty-two years. He personally won 31 Grammys[1] and is listed for 38 Grammys (6 went to the engineer and 1 to a soloist); he was nominated an additional 74 times before his death in 1997.

  2. Great review and thanks for the mention :)