Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Same Four Chords

I'm going to continue with the video theme today because I'm a bit lazy, my intestine is knotted like a play- doh braid and the rock news is a bit slow in my humble opinion. The Fray have the number one album in the country and nobody knows who the hell they are or what they look like. YAWN. Trent Reznor might produce the next Jane's Addiction album. FEH. Perhaps he could institute a mandatory shirt rule while recording for Dave Navarro. The White Stripes will reunite for Conan O Brien's last show. HO HUM. Maybe Meg was taking drum lessons all this time, I never bought the anxiety bullshit.

You see, reallllll I've been lurking around and I stumbled upon this piece of brilliance today by a group called the Axis of Awesome. It goes through many of your favorite pop/rock songs and reveals how ridiculously similar they sound. It also proves that with super laziness, saccharine lyrics and a hook that reels in every mall walker between NY and too can be a superstar. Everybody's using those same 4 chords. Its fraudulent, I say!

I'd like to thank my friend and sometimes bandmate Greg Gribben for showing me this as well almost a decade ago in many basement jams and rock trivia-a thons. He has the true Circle of Fifths embedded in his cerebral cortex and caught on quick to this tomfooolery.Kudos to GG. Enjoy.


  1. Wow! Im guessing GG would LOVE that video. Amazing how many songs are actually the same song!
    Although they did leave out "Since you've been gone" by Rainbow and "More than a feeling" by Boston.
    Still, great job. love it.

  2. That was classic! Loved it. Kinda bummed to see U2 in the mix, but I guess no one is immune from those four chords. :)