Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cool Images from the Internets

I've been doing vocal scales like a banshee in heat, imagining myself cramped in a van for several months and have been too busy preparing for the audition to take care of my loyal readers. I'll be away for a few days so here's some cool images from the internets to hold you over while my feet are on the ground and I'm reaching for the stars.

I love that store. Wherever it is, I wanna go. Even if its for a handful of picks or a capo. I will go in and test out one of those Mexican made strats with a little Smoke On The Water and clear the place out.

I'm sure this Wangcaster won't be hanging on the wall in that store anywhere. But I bet it sounds great when you're playing Big Balls(AC/DC) or Balls to the Wall by Accept...or even the Lemon Song.

Speaking of Balls...This guy has bigger ones than you.

And to finish up today...Have you ever seen a cooler bass? I've seen my share of bassists who sound completely backwards, but this young man has taken it to extremes.
He should have loaned it out to Adam Clayton or the late Sid would have fit like an unfunky glove.

Have fun,kids! Watch the Academy Awards on Sunday...and look here for a recap. Be a follower on my blog, tell a friend who just might give a shit about good rock talk. See you soon, Seano

1 comment:

  1. If you find that store, I want to go too!

    I think I'd blush if someone played the Lemon Song on that wangcaster in front of me!!!

    You are going to KICK ASSSS in your audition. I hope they give you the good news immediately. I can't wait to celebrate!