Thursday, February 05, 2009

A New U2 Video

Well, video, yes...New...sure... it's NEVER been on this site I say new. And it definitely is, the song anyway. Let's cut the bullhonky and allow me to tell you that this is my very first band "The Bogus Toads"...performing In God's Country at a balls out Graduation party in 1988! This is a deep cut from U2's 1987 Joshua Tree album..and that 125 pound rocker with the Farrah hair and the tucked in t-shirt is me. Look at that stage presence, that instant charm! Hell, if I wasn't holding that mic, I'd pass right out. But the vocals are pretty hot if I don't say so myself...and I just did. 21 years later...I still got it. Nobody HEARS it, but I still got it. I don't have the midriff or the blow dryer but I've got the pipes. Hopefully, the bass player doesn't still have that faux tuxedo shirt. There should be a law against those....he's a lawyer now. He should sue himself for having worn it.
That was some party too....there were English teachers from our high school doing Labatt beer bongs, and parents from the neighborhood doing shotguns while mingling with about 200 recent high school graduates in high hair and Jams shorts. Later on, the drummer took his set off of the hot tub and many made erotic chicken soup out of that thing.

This blog title was merely a cheap way to get you here, and hold you over until a REAL new U2 video will arrive in a few weeks, which will surely show Bono wearing glasses he doesn't need and showcase a different color skullcap for The Edge. Thank you for holding my hand in nostalgic bliss today. Now go on with your busy business.

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