Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anticipating "It Might Get Loud"

I cannot remember the last time I was more amped to see a pun intended. I got a little bit goosefleshy when Pagey is in the Headley Grange House and says "This is where we recorded When the Levee Breaks!" Should I go stand in line now? August 14 is not that far away. Who should be in the sequel? It should be a mix of old/new school..rehabbed/fucked up...sordid past/blowhard...great soundbites/great stories...thoughts?

1) Eddie Van Halen
2) Jeff Beck
3) Toni Iommi
4) Pete Townshend
5) Johnny Greenwood
6) Derek Trucks
7) David Gilmour
8) Buckethead(dubbed,subtitled)
9) Richie Blackmore
10) Joe Perry
11) Justin Hawkins
12) Nels Cline
13) Lindsey Buckingham
14) Trey Anastasio
15) Gordie Johnson
16) Prince and maybe Slash..or Josh Homme..or Billy Corgan

Here's who should never be in a sequel because they are vastly overrated or a real freaking bore..

1) Eric Clapton
2) John Mayer
3) Carlos Santana
4) Kirk Hammett
5) Dave Navarro
6) BB King
7) Tom Morello
8) John Frusciante
9) Angus Young (legend, but really boring interview)
10) Mark Knopfler (ditto)



  1. Save me a spot in line and I'll be right over...

  2. been waiting on this for a long time. Should be a good one!