Monday, June 08, 2009

Tour Photos 2009

It occured to me that I should post some pictures from the Bang Camaro Spring Tour 2009 before I forget, and before you don't care. I took over 800 pictures so here goes......WHAT! Are You Batshite Insane, Seano? Are you breathing the same air as the rest of us? How about a select few, pops. Nobody has time for 800 of anything unless its the 800th pic of Amy Winehouse crack down in the sand of that island she's hiding out on, or the 800th reference to Jon and Kate and their aimless endless rugrat fetish.

here are a bunch of pictures that started out chronological and explained, but by the fifth adult beverage...I gave up...enjoy..


  1. I feel ripped off, I counted and that was NOT 800!!! Those were good, a few were gross. Nice piece of seaweed you found...was that on my coast? Looked like it. It was good to get a visual of the band in the van....holy crap, bro, its a good thing you all got along!

  2. The gross bits are a symbol of the roughness of the road. the hidden scars..the underbelly inspires me sometimes....I could do a whole series on weird things they sell at truck one pic if you look close theres a book on depression right under some happy animal pottery and a canoe..that's Arkansas for you.... Seano and the Seaweed Sperm monster found each other in San Diego, yes.