Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dream Memorabilia

I guess the LULL has passed for now...either that or the clouds decided to break after 27 days and the little one is dreaming and it's beer o'clock...speaking of dreaming...I may or may not have told you of my prized rock possessions somewhere on this blog:

1) a Tonight's the Night cd sleeve signed by N. Young
2) a pick personally handed to me by Dicky Betts during an Allman Bros. concert
3) a 1969 copy of Rolling Stone Magazine with Jim Morrison on the cover

Those are pretty cool....but if I were to dream up what I really want from the big Rock memorabilia flea market in the sky, it would go like this.

1) The perfectly preserved missing tip of Toni Iommi's finger..scooped off of the floor of that sheet metal factory by the forman all those years ago.

2)One of the shards of a glass Bud bottle that Iggy Pop carved up his chest with onstage in Peoria in 1973.

3) The acid(lsd) soaked headband that Jimi Hendrix wore during the tour he did with the Monkees in 1967......footnote: They played the Rochester War Memorial together that year (my Home town)

4) excrement left on a record company office meeting room table which was traumatically evacuated from the Dove who lost his head to Ozzy's bite.

5) Secret pictures taken by the hair transplant doctor documenting the removal of usable follicles from the back area of Gene Simmons to be implanted in problem areas of his head.

6) An archery paper target taken from the back yard of a young Theodore Nugent with not one mark on it.

7) One of the 43 shot glasses that John Bonham used on September 25, 1980.

8)Stray pieces of glitter from either the bathroom stall floor at Studio 54 circa 1978 or from the sweaty brow of Bowie on his 1972 tour.

9) Mud scraped from the sole of Pete Townshend's jack boot after he left the stage en route to the artist tent at Woodstock minutes after clocking Abbey Hoffman in the head with his Les Paul.

10) Collected tears in a jar from a throng of screaming girls in the front row of the Ed Sullivan Theater on the night of Feb 9, 1964.

Dream on.........

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