Monday, June 01, 2009

Buckethead Just Plain Rules

I went to see Buckethead last night. I've heard a lot about his shredding prowess..but am not that moved by just plain shred. But let me just say..he can play ANYTHING. He jumped from metal to fusion to classic rock to punk to blues..fingerpicking, fingertapping...anything one could think of and seems to have mastered them all. It was a stunning array of six string wizardry without an air of just plain noodlery. I'm now a fan. And will probably never touch a guitar again.


  1. I agree! I just stumbled on his work recently.
    The only bad thing is that watching him makes me want to give up guitar;)

  2. Don't either of you give up guitar! Just be inspired!!!

    I had never even heard of him, but hopefully more people will catch on to his amazing Gift (some talent is more than talent...ya know?)

    Oh and guess who WON the t-shirt? But you did get some wrong, great guesses.