Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swallow The Music

I was breathing in lethal fumes as I worked in some snooty section of Philly the other day when "Freedom Rider" form Traffic came up on my ipod. As the loss of brain cells eclipsed my good judgement, I began headbanging to Chris Wood's faerie-ed blips of a flute solo. I came to the conclusion that I was high. Then I came to the conclusion that flutes can fucking rock. I could apply this to any song I heard for the remainder of the day...with or without that sexy silver tube whetting my newfound wind fetish. I would ask myself...WWJTD? What would Jethro Tull do before this bridge? How could a pan flute bring this solo home?

Today there were no fumes to be found. But I still had a hankerin' for some heavy breathin' foot stompin flautist to brighten my become the soundtrack to the bird party outside my office I came up with this playlist full o' flute, put on my clodhoppers, sprinkled some pixie dust along my path and head out to do some more gardening.....Ladies and Gents....Don't Break This Wind, don't fight the feeling. These are your flute songs

1) Freedom Rider- Traffic: the song that started this here thing.
2) Can't You See- The Marshall Tucker Band- Southern Fried Flute.
3) Cross Eyed Mary- I know its Tull, but its like the stairway to heaven for the flautist, that or Bouree)
4) Stairway To Heaven- Why the Hell not?
5) Goin' Up The Country- Canned Heat- makes me want to find a rucksack and a can of baked beans and hop a train to the middle of nowhere.
6) Solitude- Black Sabbath: That's right. Look it up. Right there on Master of Reality...and yes, thats Ozzy singing.
7) Can You Hear the Music- Rolling Stones- If I cross my legs and hum while I hear this, I can feel angels cleaning their wings in my ears.
8) You've Got To Hide Your Love Away- Beatles: Paul did not play the flute here, a lad named John Scott did.
9)Anyone For Tennis- Cream Its 40/Love baby and I neeed another serve of your best woodwind.
10) Spill The Wine-Eric Burdon and War: I was once out strolling one hot summer day and the flute in this show stopper hit me like a blunt object made from the Age of Aquarius. A drum circle appeared and the bongos were played by bearded lady elephant descended from the sky dressed in crocs and a tutu and played the flute solos from his trunk. Drink That Pearl? Girl? Cmon, cmon....

Today I breathed in way more fumes and started thinking about songs that featured kazoo...then I opened a window and could see much clearer.

Whatever you do....Don't Leave a Comment....just those from Oregon, Ontario and Oslo. My words are like trees falling in the forests you've never been to, I understand.


  1. Here's a very lame comment:
    Stairway does not have a flute, it is a keyboard called a mellotron that uses tape loops to "sample" instrument sounds.
    Cool list though - I couldn't come up with half of those.

  2. Not Lame, just nerdy. That's ok, I'm one too.

  3. I always wondered why "Solitude" was even included on Master of Reality. Here's a few more:

    Undun-The Guess Who
    California Dreamin' - Mamas & the Papas
    Dear Diary - the Moody Blues
    Wild Thing-The Troggs
    John Mayall-Dream With Me
    King Crimson-Court of the Crimson King

  4. Hocus Pocus by Focus - instrumental rock and roll jam with flutes, yodeling, and a little Spike Jones voice effects.