Sunday, August 09, 2009

Links to MXDWN reviews

I have been moonlighting as the East Coast Concert Reviewer(that's Mr. East Coast Concert Reviewer to you,thank you very much)for a music based website called I have decided from time to time to link to my reviews on that site, so that you can check them out and review them.

That's right, I want you to review my reviews. Let's dissect each others lives, shall we? Let's peek into what we do outside of this carefree blogosphere. Maybe some of you are miniature pony enthusiasts, or are into cuddle parties or Magic the Gathering...who knows. But I want us to know each other better. And I'm not talking to you Layla, Mr. Isorski or Mr. Coleman. I feel like I've known you three for years. I'm talking to my silent Ontario, Wisconsin, Oregon and Georgia fans. Lurkers...I see you....I know you are there....I will not me the goods.

Here is a link to my latest review of the Buckethead show I saw in Philadelphia recently. Please check out the rest of as well. There are some great articles on there.

thanks, Seano

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