Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tiny Dancer In Chains

In the Who Knew Dept: Apparently Sir Elton is an Alice In Chains fan. Apparently, Jerry Cantrell is an Elton John fan. Seano loves them both; Alice in Flannel and Elton in Rhinestones: Bring it on!......This from the presses:

It’s an unlikely pairing, but it’s legit: Elton John sings on “Black Gives Way to Blue,” the title track on Alice in Chains‘ September 29th album. The song is a tribute to the band’s late frontman Layne Staley, who died in 2002 from a lethal speedball, and the collaboration was born when singer-guitarist Jerry Cantrell thought the track could use a little piano.

When a pal suggested Cantrell ring up Sir Elton John, “I remember laughing and saying, ‘Yeah, I’ll get right on that,’ ” Cantrell says in a statement. “But I decided it was worth trying and wrote Elton an e-mail explaining what that song means to us — that it’s a real, raw openhearted song for Layne.” The band sent John the track and were “blown away” when he quickly responded saying he was in. “Elton John is a huge influence on me as a songwriter and having him on that song is an amazing honor for us,” Cantrell adds.

John reveals that he’s been a “an admirer of Jerry Cantrell” for quite some time, and “couldn’t resist” the offer. “It was a great recording session with Alice In Chains for a beautiful song,” John says in a statement. Recording was done in Vegas, where John was wrapping his Red Piano concerts. “Walking into a studio and seeing the sheet music for that song on Elton’s piano made it meaningful on so many different levels,” Cantrell says in a statement. “The whole experience was pretty magical.”

Wow..Its Captain Fantastic and the Brown Tar Cowboys! Can You Feel the Drugs Tonight? Don't Shoot me Up,I'm Only the Piano Player... Of Course, I'm full of jest when I say that. Couldn't you tell?

Elton John was one of Layne Staley's favorite vocalists and was an great influence on Jerry...this is great news. The harder part is wondering when Elton had the time to find AIC on his radar in between buying too-tight red velvet jackets and shilling for Disney.

As far as I'm concerned, early Elton is fantastic. Taupin/John collaborated on some of my favorite albums like Honky Chateau and Madman Across the this odd pairing is heavily anticipated by yours truly.



  1. I am amazed at the story line. How did you find this? Anyway, it is so like Elton to go out on a limb like this. He has all kinds of time when he isnt recording, not like you and me when we have to work for a living.

  2. Yeah, how did you find this????? I am linking here. What a combo! Madman is my all time fave and also like a lot of the songs on Yellow Brick Road. I'm surprised you didn't make a witty remark using the song "All the Young Girls Love Alice".