Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sunny Sunday Music

Yes, its a bright one in the suburbs today. For some sarcastic reason all I can think of is Mark Lanegan and how a storm follows him wherever he may be. Its hard to keep track of one of my very favorite vocalists, but judging from this new version (2007) of his great song Kingdom of Rain (1994)by a band called the Soulsavers, he remains elusive,busy and buried in mystery. He sings on their version because it would be foolish to have anyone else get that low.

You might want to go to the circus,have a barbeque, a jacuzzi orgy, or watch a Peter Sellers movie before watching this on a bright sunny day....its one brilliant downer, beautifully done.


  1. Sunny Saturday is Sunday and we had a flash flood...perfect soundtrack.

  2. Perfect in its imperfection. His voice has a Johnny Cash quality and tone. I was always amazed with Johnny not quite hitting the notes sometimes but yet the singing still sounding like he did. This is what I heard here as well.