Friday, August 28, 2009

Emotions in Motion

Yes, a fantastic title to a mediocre album by the late great(meaning hasn't been great lately) Billy Squier...but also a perfect phrase to describe the way I've been feeling as I have been working,rocking and working and now rocking again for these past few weeks. I'm off to Rochester, NY today for a charity gig with some old friends and some even older songs. We are going to OPEN the show with Freebird to cool the jets of the hecklers before they ignite.

I have thrown the family into a whirlwind of "Where are you, Daddy/Honey? ' slightly reminiscent of the six week tour I was on in March/ does suck...but I will be back in the Daddy seat in perfect time for my three year old's first day of pre-school. I will be quelling many tears of joy and fear and release that day. We are merely players, performers and portrayers as we watch our children grow.

Being in NY for most of the last two weeks in the stifling heat..I kept my ear hovering just above the ground to see what the kids were listening to and to keep my shite radar in perfect tune. I can't think of anything more exciting than Them Crooked Vultures for this fall...whether those emaciated boys with yellow framed glasses and their version of Kate Gosselin hair cranking gently The Decemberists or Yacht in their nanos care or not....I do and I know. Lets just sit back and watch a trailer shall we? Here they are at another secret appearance at a European festival that nobody looking forward to the VMAs would give a Britney shit or Beyonce deuce about. Fuck 'em. I've got a good seat. I'll always have a good seat to what's good.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. It's the first video shot of these guys where the audio quality wasn't a mess.