Thursday, August 06, 2009

Strange Coincidence

WoW! This new video from the upcoming Beatles Rock Band video game was released today....which also happens to be my birthday!!!!

Am I going to start my gaming life as a 40-Something? I'll take this as a present from my generous readers, thank you, you shouldn't have.


  1. Happy B-day dude!. No wonder you have been so introspective lately. Birthdays come and go a lot quicker as we get older. This video is so cool! The animation is almost better than the real thing. If you want I can send my 23 year old son over to give you lessons. He is a pro at this game.

  2. Happy age change, sir. I hope that you celebrate like I do every year, with way too many bowls of "loud-mouth soup".

  3. It is not your birthday!!! OMG! I am so sorry I didn't know. Happy Birthday Seano!!! I hope this is very excellent year for you!!!