Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Best Week Ever(?) and It's Only Tuesday

-I Just got back from seeing a monumental life changing Them Crooked Vultures show. JOHN PAUL JONES.
-I saw The Mars Volta for the first time this past Saturday and got my soul dusted and cranial crop rotated.
-The Phillies are going back to the NLCS.
-The Yankees thumped the Twins in a super sweep.And Kate Hudson's sweet lady bits are keeping A-Rod's bat finally worth something in October.
-The Red Sox can sit on their asses until April and stare at a big green wall.
-The Patriots can ponder another heartbreaking loss while the world fucking cheers.
-I got 4 new pair of underwear.
-I've got to sing loud and proud at a Bang Camaro show at Santo's Party House in NYC on Thurs.night.
-My wife bought me a box of Boo Berry(highly unusual gesture) and I almost shat myself with delight.If she buys me Captain Crunch "All Berries" I might just propose all over again.
-I heard "Love Gun" on the radio today and can now say without doubt that it is in the top 5 worst songs of all time. Uncovering a new" Best of the worst" is a thrill akin to jamming with Paul McCartney for yours truly.
-Pumpkin carving with my son is just around the corner and this is the first year he'll really "get it." Stick your hand in that thing, Hudson.
-I have 4 reviews to write this week and I am cramming more shows in this month like a perpetual man child should.
-October is and always will be "Rocktober".


  1. I really love ya baby...
    I love what you got
    Let's get together we could
    ...get hot
    No more tomorrow baby
    Time is today
    Girl I can make you feel
    No use for hiding baby
    Nowhere to run
    You pulled the trigger of my....
    Love Gun

    Dude, the new KISS album makes those lyrics read like Hemingway.

    I saw Mars Volta a few years ago and thought I was seeing Zeppelin in 1969. Such crazy raw energy. Wow. Sadly all their albums after the first one totally lost me, but I bet they are still excellent live.

  2. I had a really bad nightmare combining 2 of my biggest pieces of personal kryptonite last night. I dreamed I was front row at a Kiss show in Fenway Park and I couldn't get out.

    The Vultures were uncanny! Wow! super heavy jams and unclassifiable rock. Grohl can split a Zildjian in half if he wanted to. Just levels the kit to the ground. JPJ playing the bass pedals with his hands at his sides was something a rock geek like me will never forget. I'll review the show here and on mxdwn.com.

  3. I think your wife is pregnant! This is just my gut reaction to her buying Boo Berry. I could be wrong, but ... I have predicted these things before.

    The show sounds sooooooooo great. I need some good music.

    I have a new definition for depression:

    When one considers selling their tickets to U2 (next weekend) because it just doesn't sound worth the effort to go.