Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Scariest Videos (for your Halloween Saturday)

I remember seeing this for the first time and never wanting to go to the dentist again. And for a decade, I

Tool's videos most always bend reality to extremes....let's have some roofing nails for lunch.

Aphex Twin is purely twisted..on the cusp of evil....I can just fear that hellish halitosis from here. And thats not all...  Rubber Johnny is another video that Aphex Twin did with video artist Chris Cunningham...and it is quite simply the creepiest, spooky thing I've ever seen on the web.

Well, enjoy your Halloween ghouls and fools...I'm off to check the apples for razor blades!


  1. I've seen the Manson one and was afraid to watch any of the others. Did your boy dress up for Halloween?????

  2. "I took a fish-head out to see a movie
    Didn't have to pay to get it in..."

    Always a stomach-churning classic.

    Not to mention this