Monday, October 26, 2009

New Fang by Them Crooked Vultures

New Fang  by  crookedvultures

Several days ago, my eccentric neighbor Mr. V. knocked on our door. It was just about dusk, and he was holding a bird watcher's guide. He seemed over excited about something, a bit sweaty and out of sorts. He told me that there was a flock of 30 or so VULTURES chilling in a large tree draping over a nearby yard. I've never seen a vulture east of Albuquerque, so he had piqued my interest.

I put on my jacket, grabbed the little one and followed Mr. V. in his frenzied state into the early dark...and there....40 feet up a huge Oak tree were the shadowy forms of many large birds. I watched them as they would circle, return and repeat..with only the sound of rustling branches accompanying them as they would land.. There was a hulking mass of bird on almost every high branch,We watched for several minutes in stunned silence and then headed back home. In the morning they were long gone. What were they doing here, on a suburban Philadelphia street far from any mountain, desert or dead animal? Watching...waiting...was it a sign? Eat or be eaten. Hunt or be hunted. not hear?

We shall see.

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