Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sleepless for Seattle

Well, Via Los Angeles, I guess. There was a Temple of the Dog reunion of sorts in LA at the Pearl Jam show last night. You see, since Matt Cameron has been behind the kit for almost a decade now, so all that was missing was a man named Chris Cornell. He happened to be there and graced the stage w/ PJ during one of their encores for a rousing redition of Hunger Strike. The video is about a B-, but I'm posting it because...listen closely...... Chris HITS THE NOTES! Yes! And he's growing those pantie soakin', flannel flyin' locks real long it looks like. I dream of a Soundgarden reunion after this Pearl Jam tour ends maybe a year from now, but for now, this will do.

So If that wasn't enough to get me to pull up roots and move back to that converted garage in West Seattle that I used as a flophouse in 1995 surviving on Jugs of wine and Lucky Charms and hoping to join a band coasting on the fumes emitted from the ghosts of grunge......Jerry Cantrell comes up during the  "Alive" encore and steals the guitar from McCready and does the solo...damn, shit damn.  These guys are in their mid 40s!! They still rock whole and hearty and pure as fuck. Man.... some days just label me a child of the early 90s.

Cantrell, Cornell
Cast spell, Do tell.
Ed Ved
Ride Swells
Teen Spirit
Like Smells.
2 weeks
Bleach sells
Armed well

Trees Scream
lows fell
Gifts fall from
Laynes hell.


  1. Damn...that really IS good!
    All still sound great.
    Is there rock n roll life after 40 after all??

  2. Temple of the Dog! One of my fav bands!