Monday, December 14, 2009

Bang Camaro is Dunzo


 The news out of Boston, Mass. is that the many-manned band Bang Camaro is calling it quits after almost 5 years, 3 US tours and 2 albums. Since I am in this band, the news took me by surprise. They played their last? show this past weekend at the Paradise in Boston. Had I known it was their last? show, I would have strapped my kid in the seat, driven 6 hours to the show and sat him in the green room with some ear plugs, a sippy cup and a blindfold while Dad rocked the mic with the rest of "The Choir".

The sustainability and financial survival of a band that takes an average of 10 people on the road with them is(was) overwhelming and it is for this reason, (as well as the sheer logistics of an undertaking like this), that the road has ended. There may or may not be studio only activity (another album?) from now on. The choir has scattered..the necks are healing.

I do feel sad. As a performer who had his share of everything bad and mediocre about the music business thrown my way over the years, my experience with BC was anything but. It was professional, outrageous, and one never knew what they were going to get from one gig to another. Band members would wander,hook up, get sick, lost..and at times the lifestyle would creep up on us like a post gig plague. But as I was able to tour the country playing some of the most famous stages anywhere, be on national television, and sleep 6 to a thing remained constant. Bang Camaro came to entertain you. Whether it was 12 people in a "War Legion" in Amarillo, or a Standing room only crowd at the Viper Room in got the same show. Raucous, sweaty, blasts of rock with a chorus line of lead singers. I am proud to be one of them.

And now I will go down in my basement and stare at a wall.

Feel free to take a look back in my archives(March-April 2009) for my "diary' of the Bang Camaro Spring Tour. People seem to have had a good time reading it. And now they can all come down into the basement and join me.


  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    My neck muscles were not properly trained for the SXSW show this year - it was a lot of fun to see you guys play. -dph

  2. Seano, So sorry to hear the sad news. I cant imagine touring like that. It really was an unrealized dream of mine to be who you were in the band. My other life got the better of me though and I still regret not having put my nose to the wheel to make it happen. Dont look too sadly at the wall because I am sure you have such great memories and you will never lose those...unless oldtimers sets in. I watched your appearance on national tv and it looked like you all were having so much FUN! Keep the chin up and turn your kid onto all of that great shit in your head.

  3. CRAP! I am so sorry to hear this (and I admit a bit tiffed at them for not even letting you know about the last gig). I lived vicariously through your blog through he whole tour last was truly an adventure to read about so I can only imagine how cool it was to live it.

    I am hoping and praying that something BIG related to MUSIC happens for you this year - something so cool you can barely stand it. Something of the Bang Camaro magnitude but that doesn't require leaving home so much. I hate to think of you wasting away in the basement :(

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Actually, it was 5 US tours... It sucks that you weren't there man.

    Do you remember the first tme I called you? I think you thought I was a telemarketer. Haha.


  5. Sorry about that Bryn, 5 US tours...and I wish I had been there too...especially Lollapalooza and the Simple Man cruise...which was anything but simple.It was awesome to share the stage with a fellow Western NY sometimes metalhead. It was a pleasure,pleasure.....

    Until the next rendition of Limelight and the Bangover that follows, Seano

  6. Well put, Seano.

    Technically the band isn't done. Last Saturday was simply our last show. Rock and roll will never die.