Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seano's Best Experiences of 2009

Sounds so self-important. I mean who the fuck am I and why do you care what I did or did not do this past year? Maybe you're in one of those fly-over states and you googled sarcasm, humor or anger management and it sent you here, and since Wal-Mart, Clear Channel and Taco Bell provide most of your weekend entertainment, you were intrigued. You can't spell intrigued, but you know what it means. You want to live vicariously through which case your plight is much worse than we thought. You read on and come across this list:

Seano's Best Experiences of 2009

10) Watching a woman pee in a bottle while driving 75 miles an hour: Yes, she still had one hand on the wheel. No, the 15 men in a touring band van did not see where the bottle went. Yes, she was Miss November in the Countrywide TrailerPark Gal Calendar. No I'll never forget it.

9) Being Held at the Canadian Border: If you would like to see the view of Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, but then change your mind at the last minute and do an illegal U turn before the bridge with a van full of hairy rock musicians, one of whom is carrying no ID and is from New Zealand, be prepared to answer a shitload of questions from your own US customs agents while they search your van. The shitload may also be in your boxer briefs by the time they are done with you.

8) Valient Thorr and Red Fang at Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia.- I became a Thorrior on this night..there may be no other live experience quite like the one Valient Thorr dole out nightly. A blur of beards,blood on denim, a rush of bang to the head and a mist of flop sweat from Valient Himself as I manned the front row. Red Fang as the opening band turned out to be the 2nd loudest experience I've ever had behind seeing Fastway open for Rush on the Grace Under Pressure Tour over 20 years ago. Hail Tinnitus!

7) A flock of vultures invades my neighbors tree: This should not have happened, but it did about a month ago. I've known as a human how dead it can be in the suburbs, but not dead enough to make vultures circle with their own culinary need...most of us here have no flavor anyhow....but there they were, about 30 hulking masses, shadows on the branches at dusk...and 45 minutes later, they were gone.

6) Performing on the Purple Rain Stage: Otherwise known as the First Avenue Club in Minneapolis, Bang Camaro was lucky enough to open for Electric Six on one evening this past April...there was no choir member coiffed in Jheri Curl, or Morris Day cheering us on in a yellow zoot suit from the balcony, but the energy of his purple highness could be felt through the haze of the smoke machine and the roar of the crowd.

5) A Photographic Fluke at the Wilco Show- I write live reviews for another website and have been lucky enough to get a press level Photo pass at several shows. In July I had my first photo assignment to get live photos of Wilco at their Delaware show. I had my camera and assumed that I was allowed to take pics anywhere out in the depths of the crowd. I had no idea that with a press pass, you are allowed to be IN FRONT of the front row barriers for the first three songs, but soon found out before it was too late. I was the last "press" photographer escorted into place in front as Wilco's set began. The thrill of seeing Mr. Tweedy close enough to touch, sure had me reeking of fanboy. I snapped 4 photos....and my camera battery died. I had no replacement and had to fake shooting photos for the rest of the three song agreement. FAIL.

4) Getting my Kid- in- a- Candy- Store on at SXSW:  I love Austin, TX. If you love music, and you have not been there...then you really don't love music. You can't be in the club. You don't know the password. Just stay home and re- evaluate yourself...  SXSW is ground zero for music afficionados, performers and critics. 5000 bands playing in 40 clubs within in a half mile radius for three days straight. All genres, Shiner Beer, secret shows and organized chaos in and around 6th Street in March. Bang Camaro did two shows there this past year but we stayed for the whole weekend. I was able to see bands I wanted to see and stumble on a remarkable array of others.

3) The Rainbow Bar and Grill- Yeah, I've been to Los Angeles before, but never to the legendary Rainbow Room until this past April. I knew the history...Led Zep knocking back vodkas and holding court in this booth, Guns and Roses or Black Sabbath passed out in that one, John Lennon losing his weekend there, John Belushi eating his last meal there, Lemmy a more than frequent patron....but to be such a rock fan and to finally walk around those booths, checking out the memorabilia, imagining the scene in the 70s..smelling the pleasant pungent-ness of the grody carpeted floor and imagining if it was puke piss, cum or blood..That's Rock and Roll, people...and.oh what a night it was!

2) Them Crooked Vultures @ The Electric Factory in Philly:  You only live once, and if I had to over pay for anything this year, I knew it was gonna be for this show. John Paul Jones in a medium sized club, with the same bass pedals he used on No Quarter, and he also brings out a Keytar???? Oh yeah and Mr Grohl and Mr. Homme thrown in for outstanding awesome-ness.???? OK ,then  Turns out I bought 2 tix for 70 BUCKS! My wife could not I went alone and I got in line with the hopes of selling the ticket for face value to a dingy scalper ..but I did not want to get out of I waited too long and KEPT THE EXTRA TICKET instead.???!!!  But that ridiculous move was thwarted by the sheer roximus maximus of the fav of 2009...

1) The Jimmy Kimmel Show- Bang Camaro plays on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in April and I was privy to be there as one of the "choir" the dream 10 years past a rockers prime and rocking it extra spesh with the men I shared the stage with.....Thanks Bryn, Alex, Doz, Pete, Steve, Nick, Rod, Morgan, Richie,Andre, Jason for that and all of the triumphs and trials of the spring tour. A memory worth preserving for my son, the pride of my loins and a rock star in waiting....

And how was your year..did you get the DVD Box Set of Law and Order Season 2?  Did you Jazzercise that last ass bulge off? Did you recycle enough? Did you take the wallpaper down in the powder room?       Let me know...............Seano


  1. I am debating whether or not I should be truthful about my year cause it sounds so negative, but I'm actually doing pretty good.
    - Jan 1 picked my son up at a psych ward after his 5150 hold.

    - took my son to hospital for OD

    - had my son arrested

    - got laid off from my long time job with no unemployment

    - met a guy and fell in love

    - son got arrested again, jail 30 days

    - guy lied to me so I left him

    - son got arrested again, jail for 90 days

    - son went to rehab

    - I am learning to be happy in spite of what seems like a bunch of shitty things happening.

    Highlight of year: watching you on Jimmy Kimmel (ok so that wasn't the highlight but it was super cool!!!)

  2. Wow, I wish I could remember what I did this past year. Thank god for Microsoft Office and my calendar or I wouldnt be able to.
    The following is my chronological list, sort of:
    -I went to Cheap Trick at the casino in January.
    -Went ice fishing for the first time in years and had a lot of fun.
    -Saw Dickie Betts at the same casino in March.
    -Got my sinuses reamed out in May and I am SO HAPPY I put up with the idignity. No more stuffy, infected noses.
    -Saw Kansas at same casino in April.
    -Crashed my truck up north trying to avoid an accident. Came out ok, got a new truck!
    -Saw Richmond Virgina up close and personal in May on business.
    -Went to Canada fishing in June. First time and had a blast and caught some great fish.
    -Went to Summerfest twice this year and saw Heart and Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson concerts. Saw many other great musical acts as well. Never miss it.
    -Golfed every chance I could this summer. Shot an 84 once! One of my best rounds.
    -Got my appendix out in July. I dont miss it either.
    -Went to Buffet in August. It rained and was cold so we didnt stay for the whole concert.
    -Went bear hunting in Sept/Oct and did not have the opportunity of bagging one. A lot of fun though.
    -Enjoyed my 45th year at deer camp with family and friends in November. Again I was skunked but had the time of my life.
    -Went up to the cabin this year every chance I could and did some great ATVing.
    -Have been enjoying my girlfriend for over 16 months now and I will be popping the question soon.
    -Business has been slow pretty much all year and we have had to decrease our staff in half. Not fun letting people go nor is it fun taking a pay cut.
    -Looking forward to a slow, steady recovery in 2010.

    That is my list. I must say also I really enjoy connecting with you guys on these blogs. There are so many people who really have some great things on their minds and are willing to share them. Thanks for allowing me to share mine also.


  3. Hahahaha... Man, I wish I could remember all the stuff I did. The highlight would have to be going away on a tropical holiday with Mine. Lotsa fun in the sun...

    I am particularly envious of you seeing Them Crooked Vultures.

    YourZ @ YourZenMine

  4. 2009-I continued my ongoing campaign to empty as many cans of cold beer as humanly possible. No change from 2008.

    Mid year saw a career change (for the better).

    I also stepped in to fill the bass slot in a local band for a few gigs and ended up being asked to join said group. Now I'm in two bands and every weekend in Jan 2010 is booked, starting with the 1st and 2nd.

    Good thing that I do not watch TV.

    Everyday that I wake up is a good one, regardless of the year.

    I hope that 2010 treats you well, brother.

  5. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Wilco story had me cracking up! Too funny, totally feel like that's something that'd happen to me.

    Seeing Vultures = Religious
    Attending SXSW = Pilgrimage